Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The New Year Resolution

by: Kourosh talebpour

Making New Year’s resolutions is a common global tradition. Today, popular resolutions might include the promise to lose weight, stop smoking, or be more productive at work.

These are my recommendations:
1. Be happy now and forget about bad things that happened in the past.
2. Get a new cat to replace a beloved one that recently died. (You can replace the cat with whatever you like!)
3. Promised to stop telling stories about other people. (revolting habit of people)
4. Promised to spend more time with our family. (No Comment)
5. Make some major changes in our lives. (You can say that again!)
6. Try to stop and smell the flowers (Don’t forget to take time to enjoy simple pleasures)
7. Don’t sweat the small stuff (Don’t worry or get angry about unimportant things)
8. Be thankful for the most important things in life, like family and friends.
9. Be proud and hopeful to our country, IRAN. If doesn’t make sense try to immigrate)
10. Try to be optimistic (Not over-optimistic only optimistic!)
11. Don’t forget our New Year’s resolutions!!!
12. Don’t forget our New Year’s resolutions (Repeated)
13. Don’t forget our New Year’s resolutions (Redundant)
14. Don’t forget our New Year’s resolutions (I bet we’ll forget)
My resolution is to wish you a happy, healthy, wealthy and productive New Year!
Happy New Year!

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